When I were a lad---

Was lucky enough to be chosen for lighting tech when actually a student at school! It was termed "doing the lights" then. Would have been 1964-5 ish.

Being a brave school they put on the Pirates of Penzance, My first show. Typical school setup with a 20 channel board on a steel frame and a 12 way dimmer truck with a steering wheel at one end. Couple of "dips" in the stage floor for specials. and few stands for floods etc.

What now seems impossible was that students were allowed to construct the scaffold tower and go up to the hall roof to adjust the FOH lanterns! Teacher instructions were "Be careful, I really don't like the paperwork involved in accidents". No one was hurt despite one boy not wanting to go down to move the scaffold tower snaking through the triangles in the roof trusses to get to an out of reach lantern.

What ever. I've had an interest in stage tech and drama ever since. Been TV Video AVA and stage tech at one school for 9 odd years and found myself working with a drama mistress who was a year below me at my school who was a major actress in the school plays I lit.

Also spent years with local Amdram company attending to lights or sound at all sorts of plays from farce through festival runs to high drama.

About to change jobs and they don't have a stage tech............