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Welcome to our Technical Champions forum for all technical staff in schools and FE colleges in the UK.
If you are new here, post a hello message below and introduce yourself to the community.

chris vod

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Hi folks, I've just wandered over from preproom.org in my "other" capacity as a DT technician. If this site does as well as that one, we'll be laughing!


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Hello from Mansfield, vocational technician here. Basically technician for all vocational subjects DT, Art, Food, construction, engineering etc etc

Fran in Science

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Hello all
Fran here: science tech in a high school in Salford

Thanks for setting this up, adminners!
Welcome others! Excited to hear from other techs!


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Hi everyone!
I'm John, IT technician of 12 years in an inner city academy and looking forward to be part of the community here!


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Shannon, Suffolk Science tech (Lone) and been here 4 years! Wanted to check this page out and if anyone needs any help :)


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Hi, I'm a science tech at a school in Leeds. popped across from preproom.org for a look & about to invite the other techs from my school to join here.