Private (personal) messaging


Staff member
On these forums you can private message any member by clicking on their username and then on the 'start conversation' tab.


This opens up a new window in your conversations inbox.


Write the message in the same way as you would with a standard forum post and click 'start conversation'. The recipient will receive the message in their inbox and will get a notification by email if they have chosen to opt for that feature.

Your private message will remain in your inbox until you delete them.
Private messages can be sent to more than one person by adding their forum username to the recipients section of the compose screen.

We do not allow unsolicited spam to be sent via private message on these forums. We will ban any member doing so. The feature is to privately message another member when a public post on the main forum areas would be unsuitable.

If you have any questions, please private message @tcadmin or email us at