Hello from Prince Brainier of Meccano.

About to move from full time physics to part time DT. Interested in all sorts of things from Alchemy to yoga. Lots of knowledge gained over a very varied career, lots of reading and achieved on a few (proper) O levels.
Really enjoy a good joke and topical humour, so brace for some 1 and 2 liners.
Married with 5 children, 3 from a previous existence and twin boys of 20 attributed to me.
Like old bikes, classic cars, tinkering, electronics, model trains, scalextric, gadgets and gizmos, logic games, green tech, and so much more peripherally.
Hoping to get more DT techs on this suite of tech sites. There's a great deal of experience out there that is getting rarer and rarer.

And one to start off with: Why do elephants have big ears?

Noddy wouldn't pay the ransom. N'Joy