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There was a really article published yesterday explaining why making science technicians redundant is not a good idea and this shows the knock-on effect.
This also applies to technicians in other school areas so is well worth a read:

Fran in Science

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Hello all,
As science technicians, we often feel that no one really understands our role. I suspect other techs must feel the same so it will be very interesting to hear from people who work in other departments.
Looking forward to it!
My experience is that Staff understand the importance of technicians very well. Its the upper managers that don't. The bean counters and inhuman resourcers who sit isolated in offices doing "important" work at huge salaries. Schools and colleges have always had technicians. But not always so many management members. Back in the 60s my own school had the head, 2 deputy heads, 2 caretakers, and one school secretary.
I am pleased to say I've been well appreciated at most of the schools and colleges I've worked at. I've heard dept heads say what good value techs are, doing the routine jobs for 1/2 or a 1/3 it would cost for the teaching staff to do.

When they were popular I ran 2 successful "Quality circle" teams. Groups of employees who meet regularly to identify problems in their area. Problems they could identify and control. By brainstorming and investigating they come up with solutions that the management then consider. Sadly it was a management "fashion" to have these QCs and I don't know of any running presently. Just like investors in people.
Based on the success of Japanese industry it recognises that the people doing the work are in the best to position to deal with problems, not some manager who doesn't know the local difficulties. We see this problem in government where an MP says that when the £20 top up is removed people just need to do a couple of hours overtime to make it up. BBC R4 "More or less" sought opinions on this and due to tax, the low income taper and minimum wage it was actually between 9 and 11 hours actual work needed to make up the £20. Completely out of touch with the hoi poloi.