Adding photos or videos to a post


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You can easily add photos or videos to any forum post or private message by starting a new post and then clicking the 'insert image' button for an image or the 'media' button for videos or other social media shared media content.


Simply either drop the image file from your computer into the 'drop image' box or click to navigate to and upload your image.

Once uploaded, the image can be manipulated and resized using the drag and drop tools.


Once resized you can click anywhere in the window to set it in place.

To insert video or other media, click the 'media' button which is to the right of the smiley face icon and insert the URL of your media.

Alternatively you can simply add the URL of the video or other media to your post and the forum software will automatically link to and create a streamable insert when you click 'post reply.



This will work with most content from any of the following sites:
Please note that some media may be restricted in certain countries, unavailable to embed in forums or may be blocked in your establishment.

If you have any questions, please private message @tcadmin or email us at