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    EiC article

    My experience is that Staff understand the importance of technicians very well. Its the upper managers that don't. The bean counters and inhuman resourcers who sit isolated in offices doing "important" work at huge salaries. Schools and colleges have always had technicians. But not always so...
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    When I were a lad---

    Was lucky enough to be chosen for lighting tech when actually a student at school! It was termed "doing the lights" then. Would have been 1964-5 ish. Being a brave school they put on the Pirates of Penzance, My first show. Typical school setup with a 20 channel board on a steel frame and a...
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    Use of school equipment for home jobs??

    What is your schools policy on using fixed equipment in the workshop for home jobs? And, of course, borrowing portable equipment for use at home?
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    The biter bit.

    When the IT gods came down to remove the computers from the factory moving to a new site I noticed one of them limping when he was carrying the equipment. "Are you limping?" I enquired, all concerned. "Yes" he said "Started just this morning for no reason." "Have you tried turning it off and...
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    measuring screws - question from a non-DT tech !

    An easy way to compare thread pitches is to hold the known good thread alongside the test thread and try to slide them apart. If the pitch is the same they will drag or lock. If not they will skid over each other. Alternatively place them side by side and look where they touch against a light...
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    Hello from Prince Brainier of Meccano.

    About to move from full time physics to part time DT. Interested in all sorts of things from Alchemy to yoga. Lots of knowledge gained over a very varied career, lots of reading and achieved on a few (proper) O levels. Really enjoy a good joke and topical humour, so brace for some 1 and 2...